Concept of Perspectives

The School for Intercultural Mediators offers innovative training and learning concepts for professional mediators and those who may wish to pursue this path.
Our courses, trainings and offers are based on the „Concept of Intercultural Perspectives”, a concept developed by our team of experts.

Intercultural Mediation – a Concept of Perspectives.

The School for Intercultural Mediators considers „Culture“ as a perspective that allows practising experts (Mediators/Advisers/Trainers) to gain a profounder understanding of and a different, innovative access to the complexity of heterogeneous, intercultural reality. Cultural research theories show us that culture is not an unchangeable dogma, that defines and categorises the individual according to social and normative standards. We understand culture rather as a perspective, as a specific way of perceiving individuals and interpreting their actions that may evolve over time or under specific circumstances.

This approach allows us to account for the ever-changing complexity of cultural differences between individuals we seek to understand and explain. Thereby, we can take cultural and intercultural aspects in various conflict settings into consideration and analyse, reflect and interpret them from different angles.

The School for Intercultural Mediators considers Intercultural Mediation as a procedure implemented by Mediators. As soon as Mediators take cultural perspectives into consideration during the mediation process, Intercultural Mediation is taking place.

The School for Intercultural Mediators has established the Concept of Perspectives as a tool for experts in the field to integrate cultural and intercultural perspectives into their approach. The objective of the Concept of Perspectives is not to provide a specific catalogue of measures and categories for intercultural conflict settings. Instead, it aims at facilitating the analysis and interpretation of cultural parameters and contexts, which can play a decisive role in communication and behaviour among conflict parties. To support communication and mutual understanding between individuals or groups efficiently, we consider it essential for mediators to take into account the complex demands and dynamics of intercultural aspects in a conflict setting.

Currently, our training courses are only held in German language, but we also provide services in English.


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