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Conflict is a pervasive fact of human life. It occurs between individuals, within work teams, among trade negotiators, within communities and organisations and among nations. It can be about scarce resources, identity-group polarisation, power, injustice or just plain misunderstanding.

Conflicts within organisational settings can be very disruptive and render organisations dysfunctional. This can affect large businesses as well as small ones, non-profit Organisations as well as educational institutions etc. The result is often diminished financial and operational performance as well as damaged relationships, adversely impacting the satisfaction of those providing services as well as those being served.

Conflict consulting by the School for Incultural Mediators addresses these challenges in organisational structures in a targeted way and provides tailor-made approaches for conflict resolution and conflict prevention.

Our bespoke conflict consulting approaches can be based on the following tools:

  • Analysis and Consulting – After we helped you identifying the possible sources for organisational or individual conflicts, we provide you with a portfolio of resolution possibilities. Whether your goal is to develop an integrated conflict management system for your organisation or to resolve conflicts occurring within departments, teams or communities, we can customise solutions that meet your specific challenges. We have extensive experience assisting conflicting groups in order to build common ground and specialise in designing large group or systems interventions that help manage and transform conflict.
  • Training – We offer a series of customised trainings and workshops to improve a general understanding of conflict dynamics and their impact on communication and behaviour in a work environment. Our trainings are highly interactive and skills-based and focus on resolving conflict, reaching agreements and transforming differences into creative and positive change. Possible focuses for trainings are:
    1.) Methods and strategies for conflict prevention
    2.) Communication in conflictive situations
    3.) Intercultural perspectives on conflict
  • Mediation – We provide professional mediation services to help resolve disputes between individuals or groups. Our approach puts the main emphasis on reaching positive, creative agreements and repairing relationships where possible.
  • Conflict Coaching –We provide individuals or teams with support and assistance for upcoming negotiations or difficult conversations. We also tackle continuous rifts within groups that threaten group dynamics.
The School for Intercultural Mediators creates your individual package of strategies and tools, according to your specific requirements. Please, contact us via email or by using the contact form. We will get in touch with you and arrange a preliminary talk. Fees vary depending on length and complexity of the provided services.


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